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The Wild Thing (Critter Bus) began as a wild idea!  In the summer of “Crazy Covid 2020” Project Exploration dba Wild Thing Critter bus decided, “If we can’t take students out to explore nature, then we will just have to bring nature to them.”

With a firm resolve to continue providing life-enhancing science outreach programs, we began renovating our first Wild Thing Critter Bus.  This “out-from-retirement” luxury touring coach would soon become a happy home to more than 100 fascinating animals, including a variety snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, scorpions, tarantulas, stingrays, millepedes, fish, crabs, and much more. 

After 6 months of creative collaboration, this one-off “zoo on wheels” began its new life as an ambassador of fun, hands-on science discovery.  Within three months, Critter Bus 2 was added to the program to support an ever-accelerating demand for this creative, hands-on science program. 

In the first 6 months of “at-school” programs, Wild Thing Critter Buses 1 and 2 have taken science programs to more than 45 campuses, providing more than 25,000 hours of instruction to nearly 10,000 excited students! 

The Wild Thing


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