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No need to leave campus when we bring the field trip to your school! You don't need to worry about finding chaperones or volunteers either. We've got you covered! Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will educate and keep your students engaged for up to two hours. We even provide additional teaching materials to keep your students busy for the rest of the day!

Education & Excitement Combined!

With the Wild Thing Critter Bus, the education and excitement come to you. Our zoo on wheels is equipped to carry a variety of reptiles, amphibians, insects, and other creatures. On the Critter Bus, we expect exploration, so students are encouraged to touch and hold our animals. Science is a hands-on field, and we encourage students to see, touch, feel, ask, and understand.

About US

The Wild Thing Critter Bus is an on-campus field trip program bringing the zoo directly to Arizona schools. Students learn about different species and their habitats through a science-based curriculum that is geared toward their grade level. Through our programs, we aim to enhance the educational lives of young students while instilling in them a deeper appreciation for our natural world, and the necessity to preserve it.

We offer four, 30-minute programs, each carefully designed to meet the Arizona State Standards for pre-k through 6th grades. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will keep your students engaged and provide them an experience they will remember for years to come! 

Ask us about booking the Wild Thing Critter Bus for your next private event or your child’s birthday party! 

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Why Choose the Wild Thing Critter Bus?

Humans are curious creatures. Children, in particular, constantly ask questions about everything. It’s important to fuel this inquisitive behavior throughout the school years.

Many people learn better by touching and experimenting rather than just reading and listening. Hands-on science is a perfect learning tool. It is a simple way to investigate and answer questions by physically doing something. Hands-on science encourages our kids to solve problems using real context and concrete evidence. It enhances creativity and critical thinking, ensuring long-term success of future generations.

Too often, science is taught by herding kids through museums. Teachers are often expected to perform experiments in front of a sedentary class. There are scientific equations and atomic numbers of elements to memorize. This is neither fun, nor conducive to true learning.

The Wild Thing

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