The Wild Thing

On Wheels.

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What is The Wild Thing? See for Yourself!

A Children's Museum On Wheels | Traveling Through Arizona, USA.

Expect The Unexpected!

With the Wild Thing bus, you can expect the unexpected. You may see a race between fast-moving tortoises, each named after a type of potato. You could see inside the mouth of a reticulated snake named Popcorn. You might pet a stingray or dissect a crayfish. The amazing part about the Wild Thing experience is that it’s never the same!

Education & Excitement Combined!

With the Wild Thing, the education and excitement come to you. Our state-of-the-art bus is equipped to carry a variety of reptiles, sealife, and other creatures. But students aren’t told “look, but don’t touch!” With the Wild Thing, we expect exploration. Science is a hands-on field, and we encourage students to see, touch, feel, ask, and understand.

About US

The Wild Thing is a museum on wheels that travels throughout Arizona state, setting up at children’s schools, food truck festivals, and other events to offer a unique experience to kids and adults alike. Students learn about different creatures through a science-based curriculum that is geared toward their grade level. Each mobile field trip is 90 minutes long and offers animals on display to interact with along with lessons, hands-on activities, and demonstrations led by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Ask us about our evening events that can double as a school fundraiser where the public is invited and students get in for free! We’re also available for private events, like birthday parties.

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Why You Should Book
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Humans are curious creatures. Children, in particular, constantly ask questions about everything. It’s important to fuel this inquisitive behavior throughout the school years.

Many people learn better by touching and experimenting rather than just reading and listening. Hands-on science is a perfect learning tool. It is a simple way to investigate and answer questions by physically doing something. Hands-on science encourages our kids to solve problems using real context and concrete evidence. It enhances creativity and critical thinking, ensuring long-term success of future generations.

Too often, science is taught by herding kids through museums. Teachers are often expected to perform experiments in front of a sedentary class. There are scientific equations and atomic numbers of elements to memorize. This is neither fun, nor conducive to true learning.

The Wild Thing

changes all of that.

Imagine taking the classroom outside, where kids can learn under the warmth of the sun with a breeze at their backs. Imagine seeing the excitement of a child holding a live snake for the first time. Or studying a crayfish’s structure and body systems through dissection. Imagine being taught by a skilled animal professional about how an animal grows, sleeps, plays and digests its food. Imagine science being about asking the questions and finding the answers. This is what the Wild Thing experience is all about.

Let’s give our children the chance to learn through hands-on activities and interactive lessons. Let’s give our children the Wild Thing bus.

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